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There is no fashion without a touch with street life

Il pavone means the peacock. Symbol of storm, it depicts through the years love, beauty, prestige, immortality.

Il pavone opened its fan in Aghia Paraskevi and it’s not another one designer bridal room.

The young designer of clothes and co-owner Eva Kanelaki in her first collection created tailor made wedding gowns which concern the modern woman, who lives exclusively in her era without maintaining the memories of others. Everything happens now and is confronted with the uniqueness which befits to it. Without avoiding flirtations, she hunts for chic timeless formulas which are combined with the feminine DNA. She designs in clean-cut lines because it is simply her lifestyle, since she perceives her job as an extension of her feminine aspect.

The wedding gowns in il pavone are so much off the accustomed design cliché, without diverging completely from the tradional concept. Τhis means they refashion the concept of wedding dress, while developing it with elements of haute couture, which excerpt inspiration from fast-paced daily life.

Except for the personal gowns’ collection of Eva Kanelaki, it brings for the first time in Greece some of the most beautiful designs of the famous bridal room Birenzweig, which are designed by famous Adi and Ofir. Two Israeli designers who gain position in fashion all over Europe.

Il pavone expresses the personalities of its three owners and consists of a brand- new suggestion in fashion world, which they conceive not as a consumable lifestyle, but as the right of every woman in elegance, since she can choose her image freely, without adopting behaviors which don’t suit her!

You are all welcome!